The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is an electronic document providing a complete record of achievement during a students' time at University. It adheres to a template, incorporating the Diploma Supplement (DS), and will be verified by the University. It may be accessed at any time during their career with the University, and will continue to be available following graduation.

The content and format of the HEAR should be consistent across all higher education institutions, comprising:

  • Section 1 — Personal information including name, date of birth, student identification number.
  • Section 2 — Information about the qualification including degree title and subject, awarding institution(s).
  • Section 3 — Information about the level of the qualification including level of study, duration, entry requirements.
  • Section 4 — Information on the content of studies and results gained including programme information and a full academic transcript of courses and grades.
  • Section 5 — Information on the function of the qualification including access to further study, professional status.
  • Section 6 — Additional information including wider achievements, verified by the University or the Students’ Union, during a student’s time at university.
  • Section 7 — Certification of the HEAR.
  • Section 8 — Information on the University and the national higher education system.

Students will receive two types of HEAR document: interim reports following the end of each academic year, and a final report following graduation.

They will be able to access their HEAR documents at (, and share them with 3rd parties such as sponsoring bodies or prospective employers.

For any questions about HEAR, please contact

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