The University of Portsmouth only subcontracts the Functional Skills element of degree apprenticeships and has no intention of subcontracting any element of the degree at level 6 or 7.

As a Higher Education Institute, the University is currently unable to offer functional skills training education and must therefore subcontract the Functional Skills training to an experienced third party, which is Fareport Training Ltd.

As agreed between the 2 parties, the amount that the University will pay Fareport for the following services (per Apprentice) will be:

  • Package 1: £260 for maths and £320 English
  • Package 2: £290 maths and £350 English
  • Package 3: £960 maths and £1,020 English

Each Apprentice is assessed and then an individual training plan is devised to meet their needs and agreed with all parties and the fees relate to which package of training the Apprentice requires.

Fareport are Ofsted Outstanding (full Ofsted inspection 4 July 2011) with a track record of successful function skills delivery.

We apply the same rigorous quality assurance processes to our subcontractor as we do to our own degree courses with regular progress checks, inspections of teaching and learning and audits.

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