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MakIng the choice to study with us

We've made you an offer and you're ready to accept: find out what you need to do and what happens next

Accepting an offer to study here is simple:

UCAS applications

If you applied through UCAS, you need to let us know your decision in UCAS Track.

Direct applications

If you applied to us directly, you just need to log in to your online account and let us know your decision:

Types of offer

There are 2 types of offer – conditional and unconditional.

conditional offer means you have a place once you meet specific conditions, usually certain exam results. If you're doing an undergraduate course, you need to meet the conditions of your offer by 31 August in the year you start your course.

An unconditional offer means you have a guaranteed place as long you provide proof of your qualifications, and pass any other checks (such as a health check or criminal records check) if relevant. Most applicants who get unconditional offers already have their exam results. We also give unconditional offers to talented students who don't have their results yet through our Unconditional Offer Scheme

Accepting offers in UCAS Track

Before you confirm your decision in UCAS Track, you need to wait for all the unis you chose to get back to you.

If you applied by the UCAS deadline (15 January), all unis will get back to you with a decision by early May. Some will get back to you earlier than this. You’ll get several weeks to make a decision once all your unis have got back to you. So don’t rush it.

You’ll see decisions for each of your choices in UCAS Track. There are 5 types of decision:

  1. unconditional offer
  2. conditional offer
  3. invitation received – this means you’ve been invited to an interview, test or exam
  4. unsuccessful – this means you haven’t been accepted
  5. withdrawn – this means the uni has suspended or closed your choice

You don’t have to make a decision on your choices until all your unis get back to you in Track. You can then: 

  • Select 1 course as your firm (first) choice
  • Select 1 course as your insurance (back up) choice if your firm choice is a conditional offer (you can’t select an insurance choice if your firm choice is an unconditional offer)

You’ll then decline any other offers. You can decline all offers if you want.

Changing your mind

If you change your mind about your firm or insurance choice, you can make changes within 14 days of accepting it by contacting UCAS. After that, you'll need to contact us. You can do this up until 19 July.

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