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What to expect in your first week

Find out what lies ahead during your first week as a new student with us

Your first week with us is your first opportunity to discover the city, and to get used to life in Portsmouth. Here's a brief snapshot of what you can expect, what you need to do, and what you might like to explore.

Arrival programme and welcome events 

Each year we welcome new students with an international and EU student arrival programme including campus tours, student information fairs and the opportunity to speak to UoP Global staff who can help you get settled into University life during your first few weeks in the UK. We'll send your orientation and registration programme to you before you start your first week.

You will find all of the information for the arrival programme on this page once the final details have been confirmed. Services and events available all week include:

  • Register for your course and get your ID checked
  • Get a bank letter to help you get a bank account
  • Book an appointment to register with the police (your BRP or visa will confirm if you need to register) 
  • Check-in with the Global Office to collect your Welcome Pack and Orientation timetable
  • Pay your tuition fees if you haven’t already
  • Collect your student card
  • Collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you're a non-EEA student – your decision letter from our Entry Clearance Office tells you whether to collect your BRP from the University or the Post Office
  • Get your 'proof of arrival' and 'learning agreement' documents signed if you're an Erasmus student
  • Join a series of sports sessions
  • Attend welcome events where you'll learn more about the University – including a welcome presentation for undergraduate students, and a Networking Welcome for postgraduate students
  • Visit the International information fair to discover more about our support services and banks

If you're transgender and can’t provide documentation that reflects your gender identity, get in touch with and we’ll resolve this for you in a confidential and respectful way.

If you want help finding locations across the university, see our maps and directions page.

Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

You need a biometric residence permit (BRP) when you apply to stay in the UK for more than 6 months. You don't need to apply for a BRP as well as your visa – you’ll get one automatically once your visa application is approved.

You can use your BRP to confirm your identity, your right to study in the UK, and your right to any public services or benefits.

If you've applied for your Tier 4 General Student Visa outside of the UK, you must collect your BRP. Collect your BRP before your vignette expires or within 10 days of your arrival in the UK – whichever is the latest.

To pick up your BRP:

  • At registration: Your BRP will be given to you during the registration period. You’ll need to show your ID and confirm your term time address and telephone number.
  • From the Post Office: Take your passport and Entry Clearance Office decision letter with you to the Post Office. The Post Office is open Monday to Saturday 9.00am–5.30pm (Tuesdays 9.30am–5.30pm).

For more information please visit

If you fail to produce the requested documentation, you are at risk of exclusion.

Registering for your course

When you register with the University, you’ll need to provide evidence of your qualifications and documentation to verify your identity. For identification purposes, one of the following documents must be shown at the point of registration:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid EU/EEA ID Card (European students only)

As evidence for your qualifications, you must provide copies of qualification certificates as detailed in your offer letter or CAS statement to, if not already provided during the application process.

Please note, if you cannot provide proof of your identity by one of these means, you cannot be registered. The University reserves the right to exclude any student who is unable to satisfactorily provide proof of qualifications obtained.

If you’re transferring from another university and don’t yet hold a visa for the University of Portsmouth, you’ll be required to show evidence of your visa application - such as the Home Office receipt - before you’re allowed to register onto your course.

International students (non EU/EEA nationals)

It's important to check your ID in order to satisfy immigration requirements and to ensure all the information we hold is correct. We'll be undertaking ID checks during the orientation programme.

Students from Europe (EU/EEA nationals)

You'll be registered directly by your department, who will contact you with specific details.

Paying your tuition and accommodation fees  

You should make your payment through webpay or, if you are unable to pay online, by credit or debit card. We encourage this as bank drafts and cash can be easily lost during your travels.

Please go to the finance cash desk in University House (on the ground floor). The desk is open weekdays 10.00am—4:00pm (3:00pm on Fridays).

Late arrival

You should really try to avoid late arrival as this will negatively affect your studies. Your term start date and the last date for registration is included in your offer letter.

If you can't avoid arriving later, you'll need to fill in the late registration form. If you'll be staying in university accommodation, you'll also need to contact the Student Housing team to let them know you'll be arriving later.

Please visit UoP Global in the Nuffield Centre to check in and collect your welcome pack.

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