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What Is Clearing and how Do I apply?

Read more about applying through Clearing, or call our Clearing hotline on 023 9284 8090 to talk to us direct

Every summer, thousands of students find their ideal course in UCAS Clearing or Adjustment.

However, places are limited and lots of students will be in the same situation. So it's important to know what to expect and what to do if you're thinking about applying through Clearing or Adjustment.

To help make the best choice for you, check out our guides on how to prepare before Clearing 2019 opens and how to apply through Clearing.

We've also got a short guide to Clearing for parents and carers and an explanation of the differences between Clearing and Adjustment.

What are Clearing and Adjustment?

Clearing and Adjustment give you another opportunity to find the best course for you – whether you've changed your mind, your results surprised you or you’re just starting to think about starting university this year.

More about UCAS Adjustment

How does Clearing work?

To apply through Clearing, you:

  1. Find courses you want to do
  2. Contact universities directly to see if they'll offer you a place
  3. Accept the best offer for you

When you get an offer, you can accept it in UCAS Track. If you didn't apply through UCAS, many universities let you apply directly.

How to apply through Clearing

To contact us and apply through Clearing:

You can also sign up for Clearing news and course vacancies updates.

Currently, our Clearing hotline is open from 9.00am–5.00pm (Monday to Thursday) and 9.00am–4.00pm (Friday). The hotline will be open for extended hours from A level results day on Thursday 15 August 2019.

Press play to find out more about Clearing from our students

Jason: Clearing is an experience that loads of students go through. Talhaa: This is especially for when you don't get the results that you expected. Jordan: It's a backup plan or a support system. Lucy: But it is actually quite a good opportunity to turn that into a positive and actually look at what is happening and where you can go.

Jordan: Anyone can go through Clearing. So people who don't achieve the grades that they wanted to achieve when applying to university. Jason: People who apply for university after the UCAS deadline. Rebecca: Or simply just change their mind and want to apply for university later on in the stage. 

Jason: So, first of all, you need to go on the UCAS track on results day to see if you're in Clearing. Rebecca: Have a look at the universities that you think you might like to go to and the courses that you might like to study.

Jordan: Once you're happy with your course and university you can reserve your place. Talhaa: You can find their phone number either on their university website or on the UCAS website. Jason: Take time and do research before making a decision. You could get advice from friends family and teachers.

When does Clearing 2019 open?

UCAS Clearing opens on Friday 5 July 2019.

Most students need to wait until they get their exam results on 15 August (or 6 August in Scotland) before they can use Clearing. 

If you apply through UCAS after 30 June, you'll be entered into Clearing automatically.

When does Clearing 2019 end?

UCAS Clearing ends on Tuesday 22 October 2019.

However, the most popular courses fill up quickly, so apply as soon as you can to get the course you want.

What courses are in Clearing and Adjustment?

We keep a list of available courses during Clearing and Adjustment.

You can also see a list of courses in Clearing on the UCAS website (UCAS doesn't list Adjustment course vacancies).

Clearing eligibility

Anyone can apply directly to us through Clearing, even if you hold an offer from another university or you haven't applied through UCAS yet.

If you're from outside the UK or EU, you can't apply for Clearing through UCAS but you will be able to apply to us directly. Call us on +44 (0) 23 9284 8785 and we'll run through everything you need to do.

Contact us about Clearing

Complete this short form to keep up-to-date about Clearing opportunities, book a call back on results day, book a Clearing visit day or ask us a question about Clearing or Adjustment.

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